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September 2013 Activity Report

September was a productive month for Light for Children, and also gave us opportunities to celebrate and reflect on the results of our efforts.

Over the summer holidays, BTP, a group of students from Hong Kong, constructed a toilet facility for the community of Amankwade, near Lake Bosumtwi.



Susanne Sandquist, a Swedish sponsor and friend of Light For Children, sponsors three girls in the Kumasi area: twin sisters and another unrelated young girl.

The girls, the grandmother of the twins, and the mother of the other girl, came to the office to receive the annual sum of money that will pay for their education, medical bills, and other necessities. Susanne sends a total of 4600 cedis every year to help support these children.



On September 3rd and 4th, graduation ceremonies were held for the out-of-school teens and adult literacy classes in the villages of Asakraka , Hiawu, Besease.

A 50 year old shop owner never had the opportunity to attend school until now, though he had always longed to attend. Although he is now a successful businessman, he was eager to pursue his dream of getting some basic education. Now he is able to write and sign his name for the first time in his life.


During the second week in September, Light for Children oversaw the vaccination of children in five villages in the Ashanti region for measles and rubella. The process went smoothly, though there was some disagreement among the children about whether or not it hurt!


On the 27th of September, Mike Owusu attended a sensitization meeting of officials from Ghanaian NGOs to discuss activities of Global Alliance of Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI) in Accra Sunrise Hotel.

Mike gave a presentation on challenges facing the immunization program in the Ashanti region.


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