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Updated: Feb 10, 2020


The construction of the project began in 2016. The project is within the Toase Hospital District. (The district hospital). The project falls with hospital area electoral area.

The total amount of money budgeted for the project is GH¢288,971.95. So far GH¢210,000.00 has been paid to the contractor. The last payment of GH¢40,000 was effected in December 2017. The project is about 95% complete. The Hospital authority and the Assemblyman of the area are satisfied with quality of the work done so far.

This was evident during our interaction with them. The project is still at the twilight of construction state.

The monitoring team visited the project during the construction 5 times. The hospital since September 2017 has been using the building though it is not fully completed. The project is composed of children ward with toilet facilities, waiting room, nurses’ office and store room.

The team will continue the monitoring until the elapse of post-construction stage.

Kuffour D/A Primary school

The construction the project began in 2014. The name of the contractor is called Adom Company Limited. The project falls under Market electoral area in Toase. The total cost of the project is GH¢ 265,788.23 and so far the total amount of money paid to the contractor is GH¢194,869.94. We monitored the project during the post-construction stage. The project is composed of six unit class room block with office and store. Evidently the construction was poorly executed

The whole building is replete with defects as shown the pictures.

According to the assembly man the contractor of the project has been ask to rectify the defects before the rest of the money is paid to him but he has since refuse to do that. However the building is been used by the schools. The monitoring team visited the project five times. During our visits we never saw the contractor so efforts were made to contact him to get his side of the story but to no avail. We had discussing with the assembly and the Headmaster of the school


The construction of the Health Centre started in 2014 by a contractor called Appiah Mensah construction Firm. It was financed by the Atwimaman Rural Bank. According to the Board Chairman of the Bank, they ran out of money that is why the bank handed the facility over to the district assembly to complete the project, he added that the bank had spent an amount GH300, 000 so far on the project. Though the facility is being used now. The out- Patient- department bloc, the Laboratory Nurses Quarters and other parts of the facilities are yet to be completed.

In 2015 the District assembly put the project in its medium term development plans and in 2016 it was featured in the action planned and an amount of GH¢189,217 was budget for the project.

The LANET team went to the project site three four times and we realized no contractor has not moved to the site. We made enquiry from the district assembly and were told that due the delay in the release of the district assembly common fund, the project has been put on hold. However this project could not find space in the 2017 annual action plan

During the visits the LANET team had discussion with the nurse in charge of the clinic and the Assembly man of the area and they all expressed disquiet about the state of affair of the project.

In view of this, we ceased monitoring the project.

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