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Education Center



Students in Ghana are required to learn Information and Computer Technology  (ICT) as one of the core subjects in secondary school. However, most schools lack even basic computer and internet services.


School libraries in Ghana are usually under stocked, outdated, or non-existent. The lack of library and computer resources in schools is holding students back from excelling in school.

In 2014, Light for Children opened an Education Center to serve more than 700 public school students  and community members in Atonsu, Kumasi. The center includes a library and a computer lab containing 25 computers with internet access.


Typical volunteer work includes:


  • Teaching basic computer skills, in both school and community classes

  • Supervising children in the library

  • Helping children with reading and choosing books

  • Helping run Book Workshops: Groups of children practise reading and creative writing. They cooperate to create a picture book which is printed and distributed to the children at the end of the program.



If you are interested in volunteering at the Education Center, please fill out an application form and we will contact you.

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