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Sponsorship Needed

Light for Children is seeking a sponsor to enable twin brothers to attend Senior High School.

Atta Senior and Atta Junior were orphaned at a young age, and Light for Children has been supporting them to attend basic school. Now, in spite of disruptions to their education due to the pandemic, the boys have qualified at the top of their class to attend Senior High School beginning in May 2022.

Unfortunately, Light for Children has also been affected by the pandemic and is not currently able to continue supporting the boys given the higher cost of Senior High School in Ghana. We are hoping that a sponsor or sponsors will enable the twins to continue their education and help them achieve their potential.

The total amount required for both students is $700 for the first year, $500 for the second year, and $600 for the third year. This amount includes tuition, books, boarding (which is free of charge) and incidental expenses such as clothing, transportation, luggage, school bags, and bedding.

If you are interested in sponsoring these promising young students, or if you would like more information, please email Mike Owusu:

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