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We welcome nursing students, nurses, medical students, medical officers, and paramedics who want to contribute towards health care and health promotion in the country.  The intern will shadow a medical officer and occasionally the medical officer will assign a task for the volunteer to perform. Nursing students will be working closely with the matron of the hospital.


We have partnership arrangements with 15 health facilities both in urban and rural areas. Facilities where we place interns and volunteers include tertiary hospitals, regional hospitals, district hospitals, polyclinics, clinics, health centres, and a teaching hospital.


The volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in one or in several different departments:


  • Dentistry

  • eye care

  • surgery

  • pediatrics

  • physiotherapy

  • maternity

  • emergency services



If you would like to do an internship through Light for Children, please fill out an application form, and we will contact you.

Call us::

+233 322 049747

+233 244 690843+23+3

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