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Light for Children has ongoing partnerships with a number of orphanages in the Ashanti region. We place volunteers only in accredited orphanages that treat the children well and place a high priority on re-integrating them with family and the community wherever possible.


Mampong Babies Home specializes in taking in infants whose mothers have died in childbirth or shortly after. They are able to provide good care for such babies who otherwise would often not survive. They maintain communication with the families of origin and try to reunite the babies with relatives as soon as it is practical and safe.









Typical work:


  • Feeding the children

  • Bathing and changing diapers of infants

  • Cleaning and tidying the living and sleeping area

  • Playing and spending time with the children


Missionaries of Charity in Kumasi is one of the only homes that takes in physically and mentally disabled children. They also have some disabled adults in their care. Children with disabilities in Ghana are often badly neglected because of stigma as well as a lack of resources.


If you are interested in volunteering with Light for Children, please fill out an application form, and we will contact you.

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