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School Health


This program is implemented in partnership with local health facilities, community leaders, and the Ghana Education Service. It provides health care to children in the school setting. The goal of the School Health Program is the promotion of basic health and education in struggling communities.


The program includes the following:


  • Physical examination and screening of the school children

  • Body mass index measurement

  • Eye test

  • Filling of referral forms

  • Dispensing of common medicines like cream for skin rashes, pain killers, worm expellers, blood boosters, multi vitamins, oral rehydration salts, and cough mixtures.

  • Demonstrating to children the proper way of brushing the teeth

  • Accompanying children whose conditions are serious to health facilities

  • Follow-up to the schools to visit the sick children

  • Demonstrating proper hand washing to the children

If you would like to volunteer with Light for Children, please fill out an application form, and we will contact you.

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