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Summer School



Education is the main engine of development for a nation, and becoming educated is probably the most significant means to improve individual success. Despite the fact that basic education in Ghana is supposed to be free and compulsory,


















Ghana Summer School will be open to children aged 8-16, whether or not they currently attend school, in order to encourage those children who cannot afford formal education to attend.

Staffed by international volunteers, Summer School helps children prepare for exams and keep up with their peers by teaching these core subjects:


  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Sport


Depending on the availability of volunteers skilled

in these areas, we sometimes offer lessons in:


  • Art

  • French

  • Music

  • Social Studies


If you are able to teach subjects in addition to the ones listed, please let us know!

The program runs from the last week in July to the first week in September.

We would love for you to join us. Teaching experience is not required, just an enthusiasm for communicating and having fun with children.



















Introduction Weekend


Lake Bosumtwi is the largest natural lake in Ghana and has 24 villages surrounding it. The scenery is very beautiful with mountains and jungle surrounding the lake. These three days are the perfect start to any volunteer’s Ghanaian voyage!

During these 3 days the volunteers will be attending:


  • A lecture on the health situation in Ghana

  • Cultural orientation, including discussing cultural differences, do’s and don’ts

  • Boat trips to visit villages and view the beautiful scenery

  • Twi language classes (Twi is the dominant local language in the region)

  • Guided trekking tours around the lake and in the jungle

  • A lecture of the history and economy of Ghana

  • Drumming and dancing, gospel music events, local storytelling (depending on availability)


If you would like to volunteer with Light for Children, please fill out an application form, and we will contact you.


  • 10% of children from Primary do not reach Junior Secondary School.

  • The average illiteracy level in the region is 40.4%, and as high as 64.7% in poorer areas.


Ghana Summer School is a Light for Children program providing free summer education for poor children in the Ashanti region. The program commenced in the summer of 2008 and is still going strong.

Lasting 5 weeks, the school offers core subjects to over 150 children who cannot afford the fees of traditional summer education in the region. They have an unending desire and excitement for learning and come to class every morning ready to learn!

Light for Children will offer comprehensive support during your program, and you will be placed with other volunteers with whom you will be able to socialise and travel with at weekends. The program will be worthwhile and varied. You will assist in preparing the children for an end of School talent show where the children will sing, recite, and do other performances.

Daily activities:


  • Teaching English, Maths, Science, and Sports to children of varying ages

  • Playing games and interacting with the children

  • Offering one on one support when required to children with special needs

  • Organizing lesson plans with other volunteers

  • Organizing an end of term show


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