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Summer School



Education is the main engine of development for a nation, and becoming educated is probably the most significant means to improve individual success. Despite the fact that basic education in Ghana is supposed to be free and compulsory,



















Ghana Summer School will be open to children aged 8-16, whether or not they currently attend school, in order to encourage those children who cannot afford formal education to attend.


Staffed by international volunteers, Summer School helps children prepare for exams and keep up with their peers by teaching these core subjects:


  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Sport



Depending on the availability of volunteers skilled

in these areas, we sometimes offer lessons in:


  • Art

  • French

  • Music

  • Social Studies



  • 10% of children from Primary do not reach Junior Secondary School.

  • The average illiteracy level in the region is 40.4%, and as high as 64.7% in poorer areas.


Ghana Summer School is a Light for Children program providing free summer education for poor children in the Ashanti region. The program commenced in the summer of 2008 and is still going strong.


Lasting 5 weeks the school offers core subjects to over 150 children who cannot afford the fees of traditional summer education in the region. They have an unending desire and excitement for learning and come to class every morning ready to learn!


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