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January 2013 Activity Report

Light for Children had lesser activities for the month of January, 2013.

The first activity was a 7 day workshop on the ECHOES III Project which was an Out of School (OST) Literacy Facilitators Training I and Adult Literacy Facilitators Training I at the Bunso Cocoa College from the 6th to the 12th of January, 2013.This was attended by Mike Owusu and Millicent Ntriwaah Adjei.

Secondly, on Tuesday the 22nd of January, 2013, we organized the Pre-test of OST and Adult Literacy Classes in Seidi and Kobeng.The following were the number of people who participated in the test.


OST-5, Adult-8


OST-12 and Adult-22

On the 23rd of January, 2013, there was another Pre-test organized at Nkoran for the OST and Adult Literacy Classes. The number of people who participated were:

OST-8 and Adult-19

On Tuesday the 28th of January,LIFOC organized an OST and Adult Facilitators meeting at the organization`s office to discuss the mico-grants to be given to the 5 communities of Nkoran, Hiawu Besease, Kobeng, Seidi and Asakraka.In all 9 facilitators were present at the meeting.

Finally, on 31st January, we had the OST and Adult Literacy Pre-test at Asakraka.We had:

OST-19 and Adult-16.


OST and Adult Literacy meeting to discuss micro-grant at the office.


OST and Adult literacy Pre-test at Nkoran

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