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November 2012 Activity Report

There were few activities for Light For Children for the month of November. First and foremost, as part of the ECHOES III Project, there was a Rapid Organizational Assessment (ROA) in the various five (5) communities. The ROA was in a form of questionnaires and the stakeholders who helped in administering them were the SMC and PTA executives of the 5 communities. Below are the communities and the dates on which the ROA were administered;

Nkoran -6th November, 2012

Seidi and Kobeng -9th November, 2012

Asakraka and Hiawu Besease – 8th November, 2012.

The month also saw the arrival of three American volunteers in the persons of Rebecca Kuntz, Bean Crane and Winston Boney, who arrived on the 29th of November, 2012.There were also series of meetings in the month of November.

The first one was organized by the Coalition of NGOs in Health at the ST. Georges Centre in Adum on the 15th November, 2012 and it was attended by the Executive Director of LIFOC, Yaw Otchere Baffour.

The second one was an Annual General Meeting (AGM) organized by the Coalition of NGOs in Health at Wa on the theme, ‘Stronger Civil Society Organizations, a tool for reaching the unreached with health services’, from the 21st -23rd of November, 2012.This was attended by the Project /Field Officer, Millicent Ntriwaah Adjei.

There was another meeting under ECHOES III Project on National Literacy Acceleration Programme (NALAP) on the 19th – 25th November, 2012 at Bibiani.

The last meeting was on the 27th of November, 2012 and was organized by the Coalition of NGOs in Health on the universal access to free quality healthcare in Adum and it was attended by the Executive Director and Project Co-ordinator of LIFOC.


ROA at Nkoran.


ROA at Hiawu Besease.


The Executive members of the Coalition at the meeting.


Mike, the Project Co-ordinator of LIFOC at the meeting.

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