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January 2014 Activity Report

Light for Children staff and volunteers visited Asakraka and Nkorang, two of the villages that were part of the ECHOES III Project. Rebecca Kuntz has arranged for the donation of 600 books to start school libraries in both villages. She and Light for Children will be managing the development of these school libraries.




Also in Asakraka, Light for Children met a young girl who is pregnant after being raped at the age of 14. LIFOC will be assisting her with medical and nutritional support, as well as helping her plan for her eventual return to education or vocational training after the baby is born. The young man who was convicted of raping her may not have received a fair trial and sentence, so Light for Children is also working on drawing attention to the situation in hopes of finding a way to appeal the case.

Nanna Jensen and Amalie Gernow, both of Denmark, arrived in early January and are volunteering at Mampong Babies’ Home for 3 months. Charlotte Spliid, also of Denmark, arrived at the end of January to volunteer at the Mampong Municipal Hospital for 4 weeks.



Mark Walz and Josh Kinney from the US volunteered for 2 weeks starting in January. They painted murals at the Street Children Project’s new crèche in Kumasi, taught art and songs at local schools, and travelled to Asakraka and Nkoran with Light for Children staff.



Fanny Johag, Andrea Jansson, and Camilla Midtgaard, three former Light for Children volunteers from Sweden, were back in Ghana in January volunteering at Mampong Babies’ Home. Light for Children staff were happy to have a chance to see them again.


A Light for Children past volunteer, Carina Henrkisson, donated money to the Mampong Babies’ Home, enabling them to refurbish a vehicle. They can now use it both to carry large items to the Home and to visit the children’s families, who often live in distant and remote villages.


Coordinators of Patriot, a group at KNUST who undertake many social activities, visited Light for Children to discuss undertaking volunteer activities, and a possible collaboration between the two organizations.


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