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March 2014 Activity Report

March saw the arrival of several new volunteers. Ida Furru of Norway, and Gabrielle Deegan of the US arrived at the beginning of the month and are staying in Nsuta. Ida is volunteering at the Mampong Babies Home, and Gabrielle is teaching at Oxford Basic School in Nsuta.


Jane Carletta of the US arrived in late February and has been teaching at DA Junior High School in Probone (Kumasi). She is teaching English and Science in JHS 1.


Jamie Adams and Sammy Gonzales, two volunteers from the US, stayed for a short time in March. They taught English and mathematics at God Is Able Basic School in Atonsu.

Carmen Parsons, a speech/language pathologist and sister of long-term volunteer Lisa Parsons, visited for two weeks in March. She visited the Missionaries of Charity children’s home to assess some children with disabilities for feeding problems. Through her, Light for Children now has contacts in Ghana who are qualified speech/language pathologists.


Rebecca Kuntz and Mike Owusu travelled with Friends Eye Center, a local organization that provides eye care to people who could not otherwise afford treatment, to Asakraka and Nkoran. The team conducted eye tests, and offered free surgeries for patients with cataracts. 7 people received surgery to remove their cataracts.


Also in Asakraka, Light for Children has been assisting a young girl who became pregnant after being raped. She received medical care and money for proper nutrition from Light for Children. She has given birth to a healthy baby boy and both are doing well. Once the new mother has had a few months to adjust to her situation, we will encourage her to continue her education and give any assistance needed.

The Education Center is nearing completion. Book shelves and computer desks have arrived, and construction is complete except for a few minor details. Computers are expected to arrive in May, at which point the Center will be ready to operate and serve the local community.


Mike Owusu attended the annual general meeting or Ashanti Regional Branch of Ghana National Child’s Right Coalition. He was unanimously elected as vice chairman of the Coalition.


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