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December 2014 Activity Report

Like many organizations throughout Africa, Light for Children has seen a decline in the number of international volunteers due to widespread fear over the Ebola outbreak. There have been no Ebola cases in Ghana, and we trust that this decline is only a temporary setback.

Madison Swenson, US volunteer

In December, Madison Swenson of the US volunteered at the Mampong Babies Home. Although this was her first time volunteering with Light for Children, Madison has volunteered in Ghana several times before, and her experience was very much appreciated at her placement.

It's not easy being the only volunteer at the Babies Home!

Madison and her friends and family also took it upon themselves to collect many books and other items that Light for Children can use in its various programs.

Past volunteers continue to support Light for Children and our partners in the Ashanti region. Rhianydd Griffith of UK and Stina Luokkala both made donations to the Missionaries of Charity children’s home in Kumasi in December. Rhianydd has also taken on the sponsorship of a young girl and her baby in Asakraka. Light for Children has been assisting this young mother since she became pregnant after being raped. Rhianydd also continues to sponsor another child in the Light for Children HIV project.

Also in December, Mike and Rebecca travelled to the villages of Asakraka and Nkorang to deliver book shelves to the school libraries.

Students in Nkorang making good use of the new library

Asakraka children checking out their new books

The Coalition of NGOs on the Rights of Children held its annual general meeting in Kumasi in December. Light for Children’s own Mike Owusu was elected Vice-Chairman of the Coalition for the Ashanti Region.

Coalition delegates at the annual general meeting

Yaw Otchere continued to be actively involved in meetings and committee work with regional stakeholders including NGOs and government organizations. His efforts help ensure that Light for Children is kept up-to-date with all important developments, and that it maintains its profile among stakeholders. Yaw also continues to coordinate the efforts of local volunteers in the Female Condom Project, promoting and distibuting female-use condoms to women in the Kumasi area.

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