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March 2016 Activity Report

Carina Monstad a long-term volunteer from Norway, has been assisting at the Philippa Maternity Hospital in Mampong, helping the midwife care for women during the time of their delivery. This facility is also used to provide ultrasounds and other routine services to women during pregnancy.

Occasionally the Maternity Hospital is also used as a clinic by people other than pregnant women.

On Easter Monday, Ultimate FM radio station hosted an Easter party for children in Kumasi. Light for Children was invited to help with running events and did a presentation on preventing child sexual abuse. Carina Monstad, Mike Brefo Totor, Emmanuel Kwarteng and Mike Owusu attended.

Better known as Junior, Little Mike, Big Mike and Carina

There were also fun activities for the children including a bouncy castle, face-painting and as always, a dance contest.

So many great dancers; how to choose a winner?

As part of a new initiative, the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) has selected four Anti-Corruption Champions in the Ashanti region, including Light for Children’s Mike Owusu. People who wish to report corrupt acts can contact one of these champions, who will then inform one of the GACC’s lawyers in Accra to investigate. The new Anti-Corruption Champions met with other NGOs and local government to inform them about this new concept. A local language radio station also hosted the champions to inform the public about this program and how to access it.

Mike with Anti-Corruption Champions from other regions of Ghana

UNICEF invited Light for Children to a briefing on Ghana’s District League Table. This document is intended to address inequities in the delivery of services across Ghana’s 216 districts. Justice Appau attended, representing Light for Children.

Justice and another delegate at the Ghana District League Table meeting

Mike Owusu as an executive member of Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health also attended a meeting hosted by Ghana Health Service. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the 2015 Annual Health Performance Review. Attendees were shown the latest statistics about health issues in Ghana, and discussed possible interventions.

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